ADEA CAAPID Application FAQs


What does it mean when a program indicates that applications are reviewed on a “rolling basis”?

Programs in which applications are reviewed on a rolling basis consider new applications throughout the cycle as they are completed, instead of waiting to review all applications after the deadline.

Does the ADEA CAAPID application fee include supplemental application fees?

The fee to submit an ADEA CAAPID application stands separate and apart from any supplemental application fee. The ADEA CAAPID Directory provides program-specific supplemental application information. (That is, some programs may require applicants to submit a supplemental application and pay an additional fee.)

May applicants submit their applications before ADEA CAAPID receives their transcript(s)?

Yes. Once all fields are entered, applicants may submit their applications to ADEA CAAPID at any time. However, applications are not verified until ADEA CAAPID receives all official transcripts and the application fees are paid.

May an application be updated after submission? 

The following sections of the application may be updated after submission:

  • Name, phone number and email.
  • New experiences, achievements and licenses.
  • New or in-progress letters of evaluation.
  • New standardized test information. 
  • Additional program designations.
  • Optional documents requested in the Program Materials section.


What tests are required to apply to ADEA CAAPID programs?

Most ADEA CAAPID programs require applicants to submit their National Board Examination (NBDE or INBDE) results and TOEFL exam scores. Applicants should review the ADEA CAAPID Directory to identify specific program requirements.

How are official NBDE results uploaded to ADEA CAAPID?
Applicants must request their National Board results from the American Dental Association (ADA).

The steps to request results are:

  1. Click on “Request INBDE or NBDE Part I and Part II Results”, under “Send Official Score Reports and National Board Results Requests.”
    Applicants will need a DENTPIN and password to login.
  2. Once logged in and after verifying personal information, applicants select ADEA CAAPID on the “Result Recipient Selection” page.
  3. Enter payment information and submit the request. An email confirmation is sent to the address on file.

Results are sent to ADEA CAAPID within five (5) business days.

How long are NBDE results valid? 

NBDE results provided by the ADA do not have an expiration date, rather, individual ADEA CAAPID programs may specify date parameters regarding the exam results.

Is the ADA ADAT required to apply to ADEA CAAPID programs? 

The ADA ADAT is not required by ADEA CAAPID programs, but if submitted as part of the application, it may be considered by some programs. Applicants should review the ADEA CAAPID Directory to identify each program’s unique requirements.

Is the ETS TOEFL required to apply to ADEA CAAPID programs? 

All ADEA CAAPID programs have ETS TOEFL requirements and some programs have score requirements by test section. Applicants may self-report their ETS TOEFL test results within the ADEA CAAPID application for either the internet-based test (TOEFL iBT) or paper-based test.

Applicants may also provide official ETS TOEFL score reports directly to ADEA CAAPID if they choose. Official score reports must be provided electronically and are only accepted directly from ETS. To have official TOEFL scores sent directly to ADEA CAAPID, please request that score reports are sent to the score code for institution B451: American Dental Education Association’s ADEA CAAPID.


Who should write letters of evaluation?

Each ADEA CAAPID program identifies those who qualify to write letters of evaluation on behalf of applicants. Applicants may create evaluation requests within the “Supporting Information” section of the application. Based on program requirements, some applicants may also need to upload letters of evaluation in the “Program Materials” section.

Applicants may access program requirements for letters of evaluation by reviewing ADEA CAAPID Directory profiles.

How will applicants know when their letters of evaluation are uploaded? 
Applicants may monitor the status of letters of evaluation submitted on their behalf by logging in to their application and clicking the “Check Status” link.

May applicants add letters of evaluation after submitting their application? 
If a particular evaluator has not reached “Completed” status, applicants may add or change evaluator information in the “Supporting Information” section at any time during the application cycle. Applicants may log in to the application and go to the “Evaluations” section of the application to add new evaluators or edit the “In-progress” evaluator’s information.