Advice from admissions officers

Make Yourself a Competitive Applicant

Posted by Jeffrey Turchi, D.D.S. on May 19, 2016
It may come as a surprise to dental school applicants that the first thing they need to do after completing the rigorous undergraduate coursework necessary to apply to dental school is more homework. With more than 60 dental schools in ... See More

Good Budgeting Today Leads to Achieving Financial Health Tomorrow

Posted by Lolita Wood-Hill, M.S. on April 20, 2016

As consumers, we are constantly bombarded by television commercials and pop-up ads on our computers to buy more, spend more and save more (by spending more)! However, if you have a desire to attend dental school you’d be wise to develop responsible spending habits early. Your future, both professional and personal, is dependent on how well you can manage your finances. 

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